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RIHousing Launches New Investor Transparency Initiative and January Bond Sale

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December 18, 2020


RIHousing Launches New Investor Transparency Initiative and January Bond Sale

New Investor Website www.RIHousingBonds.com will be used to Attract More Municipal Bond Investors

Providence, RI – December 18, 2020

Rhode Island Housing and Mortgage Finance Corporation (RIHousing) today announced a new investor outreach initiative aimed at attracting more investors to their municipal bond offerings. In advance of its upcoming bond sale, RIHousing launched a new, open-access Investor Relations (IR) site, which provides a single location for investors to access the data and documents that outline the credit features of the agency’s financing programs. 

The new IR website is free to all investors at www.RIHousingBonds.com. It is being powered by BondLink, a financial technology company that has set the standard for investor transparency across the $4 trillion municipal bond market.

RIHousing is currently planning its next Multi-family issuance, which is expected to come to market in January 2021. Information regarding the sale will be accessible on the agency’s new site.

“We are committed to providing investors with easy access to our financial data,” said Kara Lachapelle, Chief Financial Officer at RIHousing. “How data is provided is a key part of being transparent: using an investor website allows us to reach more investors, and to provide financial updates in a much more user-friendly format, whether investors are using a Bloomberg terminal or a mobile phone.”

“Given how difficult market conditions have become, and how credit sensitive investors are now relative to six months ago, we’re excited to work with RIHousing to reach more investors and raise investor demand for its bond programs,” said Colin MacNaught, co-founder and CEO of BondLink. “Sophisticated issuers like RIHousing understand a commitment to transparency includes providing a better digital experience for investors online, and we look forward to partnering with them.”

Academic research shows that better, more accessible disclosure can lead to lower bond yields for municipal issuers and lower trading costs for investors. Enhanced issuer transparency has also been a continued point of emphasis from market regulators.

RIHousing Press Release 12.18.2020